Welcome to Just Elayne Naturals, where “green living” is inspired by nature and made by hand. We take pride in producing green and environmentally friendly products for the bath, body and home. Our products are handmade with the same quality and natural ingredients as if we were making the products for ourselves.

We offer a variety of products with medicinal, herbal and aromatherapy properties. We use all vegetable based ingredients such as organic coconut, olive, sunflower seed, shea butter, cocoa butter, palm, and castor oils except some products have honey, beeswax and goat milk added for their vitamins, and emollient content. Our products are scented with essential and high grade fragrance oils to offer our customers a wider variety in scented products.

Our soaps are made by the cold-process method, in small batches and are colored with natural herbs, spices and may include the use of cosmetic grade pigments. We make all our soap in small batches so we have precise quality control over the entire process. All soaps are air-cured a minimal of 4 weeks to provide you with a mild, very hard, and long lasting bar. Once cured the soaps are cut, individually package and labeled.

We use only the purest and finest natural ingredients. A base of organic oils such as Olive, Coconut, sunflower seed, castor and sustainably-grown Organic Palm oils, are used to make our soap. We then enrich our soaps with natural skin-nourishing, fairly-traded organic unrefined organic Shea butter and organic Cocoa butter. Each bar is scented using the purest essential oils, botanicals and high quality fragrance oils. The naturally occurring glycerin will help your skin to retain its moisture. This slow method of soap production takes us about 4-weeks to cure each carefully prepared small batch and each bar averages around 4.5-5 ounces after cured. Our cold-processed soaps are mild on sensitive and baby skin. Our mom and baby care line, along with our natural salves and Neem product lines, have been getting rave reviews from our customers. We strive to make our products so even the most sensitive customers will find something they like too. Check out our ingredients for yourself then, treat yourself and your family to our handmade products.

NO ANIMAL TESTING is done on any of our products.

At Just Elayne Naturals we hope our products will encourage you, our customers to develop a greater respect for the environment by seeking out and using our natural and organically made products. We believe choosing to use our eco- friendly products will leave less of a foot print on the earth thereby promoting a healthier community for all of us to live in.