A Fresh Batch of Anti-Acne Facial Soap

Hello everybody,  a fresh batch of Black Soap is ready for purchase. This signature bar is an excellent facial soap that has my customers singing its praise! The ingredients in the bar are known for helping with acne-prone skin, minimizing breakouts, and removing impurities for the skin, leaving it soft […]

Exfoliating with Natural Sugar Body Scrub

Spring is here again and soon warmer weather will draw us outdoors for recreation. There will be no hiding those rough elbows under an oversize sweater, so it’s time to bring out our sugar scrubs to remove all those old skin cells. Exfoliating the skin is important for cell regeneration. […]

Neem an Amazing Gift from Nature

What is Neem and why is it considered the “wonder tree”? Some people place Neem in the family of herbs. According to Mathur & Kachhwaha (2015), Neem (Azadirachta indica the Latin name) is the most versatile tree with immense potential. Native to South Eastern Asia and distributed in India as […]

Golden Brew Essential Oil Soap

Need something to wake you up? Well, this is it. This soap is popular with the men but great for women too. It is made with golden “wort” a liquid created from the use of wheat, barley, and hops by a local craft brewery in creating their brand of beer. This […]

Its Time for Chest Salve!

Well, winter is finally here! don’t get caught without our ” Chest Salve! You ask yourself what is a chest salve. Simple! a natural rub made up of oils and butter that takes the place of Vicks, but better.  Why? because it has ingredients that you are familiar with, chemical […]