Neem an Amazing Gift from Nature

What is Neem and why is it considered the “wonder tree”? Some people place Neem in the family of herbs. According to Mathur & Kachhwaha (2015), Neem (Azadirachta indica the Latin name) is the most versatile tree with immense potential. Native to South Eastern Asia and distributed in India as well as other neighboring countries, Neem is regarded as the “free tree of India” because it offers unbeaten and medically proven health and beauty benefits (Mathur & Kachhwaha, 2015). For so long Neem has been used primarily in the United States as a pesticide and not for its many benefits. Neem has a variety of properties that address many medical concerns we experience on a daily bases such as anti-inflammation, antiviral, antifungal all of which makes a case for Neem being recognized as “a sacred gift from nature”(Mathur & Kachhwaha, 2015). According to these researchers, Neem has many more properties that are active in it. That being said, Neem is terrific for the skin, hair and is excellent as a detoxifier, in other words using Neem helps deter toxin build-up on the skin limiting skin and scalp problems (Mathur & Kachhwaha, 2015).

Just Elayne Naturals carries several Neem related products including Neem shampoo soap, hair, and skin oil and Neem salve all are especially great for people with sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin. Neem is gaining more recognition for its immense versatility and can now be found in other applications such as lotions, creams, and cosmetics. You can find Just Elayne Naturals Neem products here:
Neem products are not just for when you have a rash or sore, but Neem products are beneficial for daily use and especially useful for those areas of the body that gets little light or air; you know those “lumps, bumps and rolls.” Though, Neem has a “pungent garlicky-like” scent the benefits outweigh the smell. So, go ahead try it! Neem Oil is excellent for problem skin such as psoriasis, eczema and acne prone skin as well as, suitable for minor cuts and wounds. Also, Neem can be used as a face pack, toner, hair conditioner, dandruff treatment and scalp problems like head lice. Neem is versatile, and the best part is a little goes a long way. Now, if you are trying to get pregnant or is pregnant, it is best to consult your doctor before using Neem or Neem based products, as some people swear by Neem as preventing pregnancy although, I would not risk this. So, consult your doctor first. In fact, Just Elayne Naturals recommend you consult your doctor before using any herb or herbal based product. I love using neem,   it helps my skin look brighter, healthier, and youthful.

There is a story I tell people about regarding one of my grandsons who had ringworm on the side of his face. Well, my oldest grandson at the time he had to be about 8 years old, had ringworm on the side of his face. It was huge. No doubt from rubbing his face up against another child that had ringworms. I had been traveling, and when I got back in town, my daughter and grandchildren were over visiting. I saw this ringworm on my grandson’s jaw, and I inquired about it. My daughter thought the ringworm was gone but, I knew better. That was a teaching moment! So, I donned a pair of gloves and applied Neem oil directly on the ringworm careful not to go outside of the ring. You could literally see the Neem eating away at the ringworm. I instructed my daughter on how to apply it, and in 3 days the ringworm was gone. She was so amazed that she tells that story to this day. You can find all of Just Elayne Naturals Neem products here:   it just amazes me every time I think about how Neem has become a staple in our family. Neem lives up to its reputation, and I believe it should be in every household. Don’t let the “garlicky-like” smell deter you. It is worth having around. Remember, a little goes a long way. On a final note, I used Neem hair and skin oil as part of my daily regimen and a get a lot of compliments on my complexion. I hope you find it as useful as my family and me.


Mathur, S., & Kachhwaha, S. (2015). Neem Tree: Amazing beauty components in skin and hair care. Advanced Pharmacology Toxicol, 16(3), 31-41.